World Yoga Day

One other initiative very close to Dr.Lakshmi’s heart is to integrate Yoga as part of the services offered to children and parents and the apt event was to observe the International Yoga Day (IYD), June 21 and take things further. Apart from all this, MDCRC wishes to unfold the science behind yoga and Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy. Keeping this in the forefront, the celebration on IYD marked the beginning for us to expose all our patients and parents to yoga to feel the difference.

MDCRC celebrated the IYD on June 20, 2015 in its own colors. The venue being Conference Hall, Kurinji Hospital between 10 am to 12 noon.The program was honored by 3 chief guests who cherish the essence of yoga in their lives, namely Mrs. Mohanasundari J, MD, Sharp Industries, Coimbatore, Mr. Srinivasan, MD, Triangle Clothing, Coimbatore and Dr. KC Ramaswami, Chairman, Kurinji Hospital, Coimbatore. The major chunk of the session was handled by Mr. Shankar, K. Head, Integrated Yoga Centre, Coimbatore. Dr. Lakshmi welcomed the gathering and declared open the IYD infusing lots of positive thoughts in the minds of the children affected with DMD and families on how Yoga could make a difference in their lives.

Mrs. Mohanasundari delivered the keynote address where she emphasized about the importance of breathing and explained on the sudharshan kriya methods and the change it has made in her life. Mr. Srinivasan shared his personal experiences on yoga changed his lifestyle from a hectic one to a smooth sailing one wherein he could find lot of inner harmony. Dr. KC Ramaswami, felicitated the gathering by adding of encouragement and the faith that he has towards what more MDCRC can offer to the children affected with DMD.

The session was taken over by one of the most experienced yoga practitioner, Mr. Shankar who had planned various activities. The parents were engaged in few simple breathing exercises including pranayama and lots of tips on how to communicate and perform yoga with the children affected with DMD. The two hour long session ended up with high tea served and feedback from the parents of MDCRC who thanked the organization for what it has been doing and were eagerly looking forward for the Yoga sessions for their children. The programme ended with the complete team doing Thoppukarnam and dispersing after National anthem.