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To appear on the news headlines or flash news has never fascinated us at MDCRC. We work for the community and our focus has been the identification of DMD and SMA children through genetic diagnosis, counseling, prevention, public awareness and multidisciplinary care – a holistic approach. Several press personnel, reporters and photographers peep in to get glimpses of the work we do to serve the society through science and technology with research perspective. We are pleased that the media, both print and visual has enabled us to create a widespread awareness about this orphan, lethal and devastating disorder. Of course, MDCRC is active all round the year conducting various patient care and recreational programs which genuinely need a mass media coverage for better exposure of the work done by MDCRC.

We have received coverage in national newspapers like, The Hindu, Metroplus, The Times of India, Deccan Chronicle and regional papers like Dinathanthi, Dinamalar, Dinakaran, Malai Murasu and few others. There has been coverage in few television channels also which can be viewed under the visual media.



Dinamalar 26-Sep-2022

Simplycity 25-Sep-2022

Tamil murasu


Malai murasu 26-Jun-2022

The Hindu 26-Jun-2022

Afternoon 24-Jun-2022

Pirpagal 23-Jun-2022

Thandora Online 22-Jun-2022

The Hindu 19-Jun-2022



Pirpagal 13-Sep-2021

The Hindu 12-Sep-2021

Malaimurasu 9-Sep-2021

Afternoon 9-Sep-2021

Thandora Online News 8-Sep-2021

The Hindu



The Hindu 27-Oct-2019

Thamizh Sudar 24-Oct-2019

Mathruboomi 23-Oct-2019

Afternoon 21-Oct-2019

Kovai Maalai Murasu 21-Oct-2019

Pirpagal 21-Oct-2019

The Hindu (Tamil)14-Sep-2019

Thamizh Sudar 14-Sep-2019

The Hindu (English)12-Sep-2019

Makkal Mugam 11-Sep-2019

Mathruboomi 11-Sep-2019

Afternoon 9-Sep-2019

Kovai Maalai Murasu 8-Sep-2019

The Hindu 18-July-2019

Makkal Kural 16-July-2019

Dhina Malar 14-July-2019

Namadhu Murasu 12-July-2019

Vil Murasu 12-July-2019

Mathruboomi 11-July-2019

Maalai Murasu 10-July-2019

Pirpagal – 8-July-2019

Afternoon 8-July-2019

Indian express – 28-Feb-2019

Makkal kural – 28-Feb-2019



Mathruboomi – 1-oct-2018

Dhina Seithi – 21-sep-2018

The Hindu (Tamil) – 13-sep-2018

Indian Express – 12-sep-2018

The Hindu – 12-sep-2018

Vil Murasu – 12-sep-2018

Tamizh Sudar – 11-sep-2018

The Times of India – 11-sep-2018

Afternoon – 10-sep-2018

Maalai Murasu – 10-sep-2018

Pirpagal – 10-sep-2018

Dhina Boomi – 11-July-2018

Dhina Malar (Kovai) – 6-July-2018

Dhina Ethal – 5-July-2018

The Hindu 4-July-2018

The New Indian Express (Coimbatore Express) – 4-July-2018

Afternoon – 3-July-2018

Afternoon (Tamil) – 3-July-2018

Maalai Murasu – 3-July-2018

Makkal Kural – 3-July-2018

Deccan Chronicle 2-July-2018

Dhina Surian – 2-July-2018

Mathrubhumi – 2-July-2018

Dhinakkavalan – 30-Jun-2018

Thinaboomi – 06-Jun-2018

Dinamalar – 03-Jun-2018

Thina Ethal – 02-Jun-2018

Deccan Chronicle – 30-May-2018

Pirpagal – 30-May-2018

The Hindu – 30-May-2018

Afternoon – 29-May-2018

Ullatchi Arasu – 27-May-2018

Makkal Mugam 3-Mar-2018

Mathrubhumi 1-Mar-2018

Dinamalar 1-Mar-2018

The New Indian Express – 28-Feb-2018

Afternoon 28-Feb-2018

Dhina Madhi 28-Feb-2018

SimpliCity News 28-Feb-2018





Afternoon – 7-Sep-2015

Madhayamam – 7-Sep-2015

The Hindu – 8-Sep-2015

Tamil Sudar – 8-Sep-2015

Malai Tamilagam – 9-Sep-2015

Dhina Thanthi – 11-Sep-2015

New Indian Express – 15-Sep-2015

Pirpahal – 22-Sep-2015




Thamizhamudhu – 22-Nov-2014


Maalai Murasu – 13-Nov-2014

Dhinamani – 13-Nov-2014

The Hindu – 13-Nov-2014

Deccan Chronicle – 9-Sep-2014

Daily Thanthi – 8-Sep-2014

Afternoon – 8-Sep-2014

Tamil Murasu – 7-Sep-2014

Maalai Murasu – 7-Sep-2014

Indian Express – Jul-2014



Dinamalar – 10-Sep-2013

Namathu Nambikai – May-2013



Viduthalai – 31-Dec-2012

Dhinakaran – 24-Dec-2012

Deccan Chronicle – 31-Jul-2012

Dhinakaran – 29-Jul-2012

The Hindu – 29-Jul-2012


The Hindu – 30-Jan-2012








The Hindu – 6-Jul-2010

The Hindu – Jul-2010