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Who are we?

Molecular Diagnostics Counseling Care and Research Centre (MDCRC) is a not for profit NGO working on Neuro Muscular genetic disorders viz. Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy (DMD) and Spinal Muscular Atrophy (SMA). This organisation was started with an aim to give holistic services to male kids affected with DMD and SMA. Till this point in history, we do not have a proven cure for the above disorders. MDCRC focuses on helping these special children live a beautiful life as their life span is short (about 25 yrs.) due to unavailability of proven treatment remedies...


Our focus is to enrich, facilitate and serve men, women and kids affected with genetic disorder.


Evolve appropriate working models to address various public health needs.


Immediate Focus on Pediatric Neuromuscular disorders.


Children's Speaks

  • MDCRC has given me lot of confidence and hope in life. They have made me accept my disorder and how to take it forwad in life. MDCRC is offering everything free of cost which is a great boon to the society. They have reached out to the rural population and have educated us about the disorder.

  • I love to visit MDCRC... i come here for rehab sessions and also for MD care... sometimes I visit here for AVP assessment also. I feel at home to visit MDCRC. Everyone is very friendly and cheerful, I am thankful to Lakshmi madam and the team for all that they are doing for me. Thanks to all once again.

  • Initially MDCRC meant a rehab Centre for me.....nothing much. But now I feel so close to my heart for all that they are doing for me....my parents even said they do all free of cost for me. I wish lots of kids come here so that all will benefit from MDCRC.

  • MDCRC is putting in all its effort to end Duchenne through its identification and prevention programs. They are the only organisation in India offering all its services and more under one roof! I am fortunate to be a part of this sensitive committed team.

    Vijay Kumar
  • MDCRC has become my second home...I love to be here and spend time....all people here have become such good friends with me that I wanted to celebrate my birthday at MDCRC and I did....I'm glad I'm with them...

    Ravi Shankar
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