World Duchenne Awareness Day was celebrated in Jenny’s club lawn on 10th of September, 2016, for the convenience of the children as 7th September was a working day. Thirty two children were expected and out of which 29 had turned out. The chief guests were Miss. Sree Priya from Trichy, Mr. Raja Krishnamoorthy from Chennai and Dr. K.C. Ramaswami from Kurinji Hospital, Coimbatore. Children assembled around 3:00 pm and they were provided with refreshments. Then they started decorating their cars for the race. The parents, children, volunteers and the team members were given a chit of paper in which they were asked to write a prayer for the children, which was then collected back.

The function started with a prayer song by Dr. Vishalakshi. Dr. B.R. Lakshmi, then addressed the children and the parents emphasizing the importance of Duchenne Awareness day and then introduced the guests. Balloons with the prayer notes were then flown to sky by Mr. Raja Krishnamoorthy and Miss. Sree Priya. The children were then entertained with Juggling by Mr. Magic Maha. An artist resembling the actor Vadivelu then entertained the children which the kids thoroughly enjoyed. Then the children were taken to the back stage to get ready with their new T-shirts for the car race. Meanwhile, Ms. Priya talked to the parents about the children’s need and what they expect. She pointed out that the children never expect any sympathy from them and that they would actually want to lead a normal life.

The little heroes were then dressed up smart and were marched towards the ramp. The car race was flagged off by Mr. Raja Krishnamoorthy who then enthusiastically cheered up the kids. A small game was organized for the mothers after which they were provided with snacks. Mr. Magic Maha then entertained the kids with a toy dance and a magic show. Beautifully sculpted balloons were then given to each child and a portrait of children was also made by the artists. Dr. B.R. Lakshmi introduced the team to the parents and the guests and later, medals, trophies and prizes were distributed for the winners. Return gifts were then issued for the children while returning back to home.