80G Tax Exemption

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MDCRC has been bestowed with the spirits of receiving donations from individuals or corporates with tax exemptions. Deductions in respect of donations to our trust will be allowed under Section 80 of the Income Tax act 1961 in the hands of the donorswith a tax exemption criteria. This is valid from 30/11/2011 onwards.

Apart from this, for corporates, in terms of Corporate Social Responsibilities (CSR), MDCRC has been recognized with 35AC tax exemption from the Government of India, Income Tax department under Section 35AC, 1961 as recommended by the National Committee for Promotion of Social and Economic Welfare.

We request the magnanimous hearts to come forward with a helping hand to make a donation and receive a tax exemption by either 80G or 35AC depending on their denomination for donations towards MDCRC.