Wheelchairs with Orthotics

  • Duchenne muscular Dystrophy is a progressive genetic disorder.
  • The kids start off from a healthy stage in their younger age and slowly become non-ambulant where they need the assistance of wheelchairs for their mobility.
  • There are varied types of wheelchairs which could aid their mobility.

Manual Wheelchair : This helps them initially and is a must when the children become non-ambulant( lose their walking ability).

  ₹ 5000

Electric Wheelchair : The joy the child gets when he has this electric wheel chair is immense. The teen age boy gets the happiness of moving on his own and also feels he is not burdening his care takers. Robust reinforced double cross-braces mounted with removable batteries makes it simple to store, and durable. The electric wheelchair is a fordable power wheelchair designed for those who look for a simple, lightweight, yet cost-effective solution.

  ₹ 80000

Orthotics: The orthotics range from Taylor braces, to AFO, to Knee braces and Knee ankle and foot orthoses.

  ₹ 27000 (Complete set)

  ₹ 15000 (Partial set)

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Taylor Braces

is a light weight spinal brace, covers all dorsal, lumbar and sacral vertebras, supports and immobilizes the spine in neutral position, still permitting the requisite body movement.


Paralysis of hip abductor muscles is one of the most common reasons for prescribing HKAFOs. HKAFOs are usually fabricated using mechanical hip joints, most commonly made of metal. They can incorporate flexion–extension and abduction–adduction control and have free or locking joints.


is a thermoplastic drop foot orthosis that is designed to assist in ambulation of patients with drop foot. With the Ankle Foot Orthosis, the anterior portion of the foot is raised and passive, flexible limitation of plantar flexion is provided in case of peroneal weakness.

Knee Braces

is mainly used to maintain the integrity of the knee thereby helping in the movement.

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