Trendsetters Initiative

  • The feeling of abandonment clutches our children and their families afflicted by genetic conditions. Nevertheless, such a Himalayan distress could be crushed by the support and inclusivity in the community.
  • ‘Trendsetters’ is one such initiative to bring about a change in the society to embrace difference in lives.
  • We collaborate with colleges to train student volunteers to involve in our events to collectively put up a show with our special children and cater to their academic and social needs for a stipulated period.

Your contribution will help us in...

Kid with his Volunteer

Organize and conduct more such events

Encourage young college student volunteers with prize and certification

Arrange training session

Set up socializing events with our special children

Expand air annual rare disease day gathering and celebrations across all districts in Tamilnadu

“The donation to this purpose helps in giving beautiful moments for the kid