Rehab sessions for a month for a kid

  • These are rehab sessions where the kid would be picked up from a common point or the doorstep to our centre and back to their places.
  • These sessions happen 2 or 3 times a week and the cost includes the sessions for a month.
  • The kids are exposed to various Physiotherapy gears which focuses on Muscle strengthening and also sling down the deterioration of the muscles.
  • Different types of muscles are targeted wherein delaying scoliosis becomes the key.
  • Apart from this they are made to play some VR based games which gives exercise to their forearms at the same time makes them happy during their time spent here.

for your contribution WE CAN OFFER THE KID WITH...

Breathing exercises with Tailor made Yoga sessions

Active exercises

Pulley exercises


Electro therpy

Stretching exercises

Gait training

Postural exercises

Suspension therapy and Swiss Ball therapy

“A small contribution

from your end

could help the kid retain his

muscle strength for longer