Mothers Day

Mothers’ Day is something which is close to everyone’s heart. The being which is responsible for our presence in this world is acknowledged for her immense contribution to the world at large.

For our kids, the role of Mothers is indispensable and it needs immense courage and a heart of gold to take care of our kids round the clock, every minute and every second as the needs are high.

At MDCRC we celebrate this day to acknowledge the immense contribution of our Mothers.

The day starts with a prayer and a series of competitions. After lunch the Mothers start on their creative performances and the day is marked by a well-known celebrity coming and gracing the occasion with their words of encouragement to our wonderful Mothers.

  ₹ 50,000 (Contribution Tier 1)

  ₹ 1,00,000 (Contribution Tier 2)

for your contribution WE OFFER THE KID'S FAMILY WITH...

Skit, Dance and Singing by Mothers

Extempore performances

A guest Speaker of Acclaim for boosting kids

Interaction with Mothers

Video coverage and Candid Photos for the families

Food and Snacks

“The donation to this purpose helps to celebrate mothers of our kids and gives a lot of confidence to the families to cherish moment by moment