DNA Testing with Counseling

  • Genetic Analysis becomes a key in Prevention.
  • Genetic analysis is the way we could confirm the clinical observations and the diagnosis.
  • For a genetic disorder, a genetic analysis becomes a key and at MDCRC we are proud to say that we follow the best practices in our Labs.
  • We are proud to say we also do the next generation sequencing which gives us novel and point mutations to be identified specifically.
  • There are level in our analysis, where the first level checks for the hotspots and the second level goes to the intricate details.
  • The choice of the levels is based on the type of mutation. If we cannot identify it in level 1 we go to level 2.

$ 80 (Level 1)

$ 350 (Level 2)

for your contribution THE KID'S FAMILY BENEFITS WITH...


There are three stages in Genetic Analysis
mPCR : Screens the hotspots
MLPA : Screens the whole exon
NGS : Finds the SNPs


Pretest Counseling : Preparing the beneficiaries on the need of the test and taking their consent if they really want to go for it.

Post test counseling : The counseling is to guide the family in the proper emotional and scientific manner taking into account their family dynamics and making them face any outcome with knowledge and wisdom.

“A small contribution

from your end

could help the kid’s family to

identify / prevent DMD

$ 80 (Level 1)

$ 350 (Level 2)