Care Sessions

Inception Story

Multi Disciplinary Clinical Care sessions are extremely needed to augment the quality of life of our kids. In reality our parents run from pillar to post in search of a specialists to handle their kids. Empathizing with the need and to bring in better quality of life for kids MDCRC has deviced this care module. This effort brings together specialists with a heart from Pediatrics, Neurology, Ortho to Cardiology and Pulmonology including Nutrition under one roof. This makes the parents get all the clinical assessments – evaluation and guidance from appropriate specialists under one umbrella. In addition to the Care sessions we make this effort convenient for the families by providing overnight accommodation and food facilities.

for your contribution WE CAN OFFER THE KID WITH...

Clinical Assessments

All services under one roof

Food & accommodation

“Your contribution could help

in improving the quality

of life of the kid and

to pep the family”